Chocolate and cacao


The Criollo cocoa simply limited paste through cold mechanical means.
The purest, the classics, the most daring and surprising combinations.

Chocolate and cacao

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    • 5 gr, 30 gr, 50 gr
    Cacao Paste 100% Cacao Paste 100%
    Cacao Paste 100%

    A single ingredient, the Criollo cacao, reduced in paste  by mechanical cold processes. Extremely pure, strong identity, surprisingly balanced,  a flavour that reminds of  the cacao beans but less acidic. A tablet designed for those who love strong flavors and those fond of the extraordinary qualities of cacao. Cocoa Pasta Raw available from:50 grams:...

  • Available sizes
    • 5 gr, 30 gr, 50 gr
    Dark chocolate 90% Dark chocolate 90%
    Dark chocolate 90%

    A simple flavor yet complex for its organoleptic qualities; made of two ingredients that exalts the aromas of raw Criollo cocoa and its nutritional properties. Appreciated by connoisseurs and by those who benefit from its functional properties. Has a slightly bitter taste as well as a tropical fruit aroma.  Packages available from50 grams: Classic bars,...

  • Available sizes
    • 5 gr, 30 gr, 50 gr
    Dark chocolate 80% Dark chocolate 80%
    Dark chocolate 80%

    As for our Dark 90%, also this bar is made of two ingredients: cacao paste and coconut flower sap. Slightly sweeter but at the same time with a strong cacao identity, the right compromise for dark chocolate lovers who do not want to renounce to a pinch of sweetness.  Naturally  creamy, floral and fruity. Packages available from:50 grams: Classic bars,...

  • Available sizes
    • 5 gr, 30 gr, 50 gr
    Dark Raspberry Dark Raspberry
    Dark Raspberry

    Probably our most distinctive product, unique and precious; close your eyes and let the flavour of raspberry carry you through its noblest aromas. The union of Criollo cocoa with its fruity aromas and the slightly acid aftertaste of the raspberries (11,3%). The freeze-dried method protects the colors, the organoleptic qualities, the precious antioxidants...

  • Available sizes
    • 5 gr, 30 gr, 50 gr
    Dark Orange Zests Dark Orange Zests
    Dark Orange Zests

    You will be surprised by the aromatic intensity of this chocolate, especially by the quick passage from the chocolate flavour to the orange zest which creates a really balanced continuum. We do not use any orange oil but only that really thin layer which constitutes the most aromatic part of the orange peel. We produce the zest by ourselves using oranges...

  • Dark Himalayan pink salt and Criollo cacao nibs

    It is in this bar that the aromatic character of the Peruvian cacao is beautifully developed in all its hues. Coconut flower sap enhances the delicacy, while the pink Himalayan salt strengthens the intensity. The result is a delightful explosion of bitter, sweet and savory taste enhanced by crunchy cacao nibs. Only one warning: it can be addictive....

  • Dark Lemon Zests

    A unique taste: fresh, sweet and citrusy chocolate. The first chocolate produced with certified "Siracusa Lemon PGI" zests, processed manually by separating the skin of the lemons, then dried for 36-40 hours at about 30 °C.  Similarly to our orange zests, the lemon zests are perceived in a continuous alternation with the decisive aromatic notes of our...

  • Chopped Hazelnuts 65%

    The not roasted and crumbled “Tonda Gentile Romana” hazelnuts (18%) create a 'nougat' effect and their delicate aroma mingles perfectly with the Criollo cocoa flavour. The balance between the soft and crunchy parts make it the ideal chocolate to munch. The abundance of hazelnuts guarantees a high percentage of oleic acid and other precious nutrients....

  • Gianduja 50%

    To create our softest and most delicate chocolate, we slowly grind the roasted “Tonda Gentile Romana” hazelnuts to a fine paste and we add two simple ingredients: cocoa paste and coconut flower sap. Besides providing a high level of oleic acid, the unroasted hazelnuts, in the percentage of 30%, convey all their aromas in such a balanced way as to exalt...

  • Goji berries and Hazelnuts (63%)

    Starting from our 80% dark chocolate, we add 9% of Goji berries and 9% of not roasted “Tonda Gentile Romana” hazelnuts. We achieve a tablet that combines the flavour of chocolate with the pleasure, color and consistency of dry fruit. Goji berries contain high doses of Carotene, Iron, Vitamin C and many other antioxidant nutrients that give this chocolate...

  • Goji Berries and Buckwheat (63%)

    We add 9% of Goji berries and 9% of decorticated buckwheat to the 80% dark chocolate. The resulting unique taste derives from the softness of the berries and an extraordinary crunchy effect from the raw buckwheat grains. Besides the taste, the Goji berries contain beta-carotene, iron, Vitamin C and many other nutrients with an antioxidant function....


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