Cacao Paste 100%
Cacao Paste 100%

Cacao Paste 100%

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A single ingredient, the Criollo cacao, reduced in paste  by mechanical cold processes. Extremely pure, strong identity, surprisingly balanced,  a flavour that reminds of  the cacao beans but less acidic. A tablet designed for those who love strong flavors and those fond of the extraordinary qualities of cacao.

Cocoa Pasta Raw available from:
50 grams: Classic bars, sealed in a bag which retains freshness, with a stylish case in 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks.
30 grams: Little square bar sealed in mono food packaging
5 grams: Little square bar sealed in mono food packaging

  • 5 gr
  • 30 gr
  • 50 gr

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Ingredients: Criollo cacao mass*°. May contain traces of nuts.

* Organic

° Cold processed/Raw (<42 °C) / 108 °F)

Nutrition facts per 100g

Energy kj 2423/kcal 588; Fat 51,6g of which saturated 32,3g; Carbohydrate 4,7g of which sugars <0,1g; Fiber 24,5g; Protein 14g; Salt 0g; Magnesium 224mg (59% Nutrient Reference Values)

High in Magnesium

Store at 12-22°C/54-72°F dry place

Best before: 24 months

Cocoa Paste
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