• Fruit is picked (Cabosse), the fruit is divided in half and the bean and pulp are gathered.
  • The beans and the pulp begin fermentation in special containers. The fermentation takes place in three different contolled phases (alcoholic, lactic and acetic).
  • Continual stirring/ventilation keeps the temperature low; our average temperature is never above 35/40°C during the entire process of fermentation.
  • The beans are dessicated in protected environments for about three weeks.
  • The beans are depurated by a natural cleanser which is completely non-toxic and biodegradable, composed mostly of ascorbic acid. This process is necessary to eliminate any possible pathogenic elements (bacteria, viruses, etc) that can be dangerous to our health. Normally, in other procedures, the beans are roasted at high temperatures, which obviously also disinfects them.
  • The peel is separated from the beans and their size is reduced into nibs (smaller portions of beans).
  • The beans are transformed into cacao mass ( also known as cacao liquor, not to be confused with liquor with cacao).
  • Eventual “cold” separation, by mechanical pressing of the fat part (cocoa butter) from the light part (cocoa powder).


CACAO CRUDO is a new way to produce and taste chocolate. It is a search for pleasure and production methods that, in comparison to traditional processing, best preserve the precious qualities of cocoa and other ingredients used.

  • To process the nibs we use a millstone, while in other processes we start directly from the mass or, on other occasions, the separated powder and butter are mixed together again to reform the cocoa mass.
  • We add various ingredients to the cocoa mass to create the chocolate we want.
  • The following phase includes the tempering and moulding of the chocolate.
  • The chocolate is then cooled slowly and removed from the moulds.
  • Packaging: we seal the chocolate in a bag that retains freshness, aromas and nutrients and is made of an aluminum layer completely coated with non-toxic food plastic. It takes advantage of the good isolating properties of aluminum (temperature, light, air, humidity) at the same time avoiding direct contact with chocolate and so any possible release of and contamination by toxic metals. The packaging is completed by an external wrapping made of 100% recycled straw paper and the writings are printed with a totally biodegradable vegetable ink.
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