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Cacao Crudo is a project born from the intense passion for food, high quality, Ethics and research.

Our first inspiration: after tasting almost all the raw chocolate produced in the world, we started in 2010 to experiment with recipes, ingredients, cacao varieties, and to establish direct contacts with the producers. Our starting point: the raw and gourmet chocolate. He debuted at Sana Bologna 2014 and won the award for most innovative product in the “Food” category. From the first experiments, and especially thanks to the enthusiasm and satisfied faces of first tasters, who suggested us that the direction in which we were looking at was the right one, we arrived today to introduce you the whole range available.

To create a product of high organoleptic qualities that is healthy

Therefore, an ongoing research for excellence innovative production techniques, experimentation and close collaboration with chefs and nutritionists. We do not use sucrose, additives, artificial flavourings, soy lecithin, gluten, extracts, palm oil and refined vegetable fats. Our cocoa is not treated with carbonate potassium.

To make the production chain more and more transparent

By tying direct relations with small and medium size farmers, often united in cooperatives, working side by side to build reciprocal trust, exchange of knowledge and mutual profit.

Respect the environment and the animals

We decided to use only organic ngredients with a certificate of origin and to ensure this we carry out our own chemical analysis. We use 100% recycled straw paper for packaging and the vegetable ink is completely biodegradable. We do not use any animal products nor materials processed with those products.

To support the economy of the small farmer communities and the in situ conservation of the Criollo cacao

Criollo cacao is a very delicate underspecies of cacao (Theobroma Cacao), it is rarely grown and therefore seriously endangered. Owing to its high organoleptic qualities, its use adds a greater value to our chocolate and implies two important consequences: a great hand to the local producers’ economy and an incentive to not substitute the Criollo underspecies with hybrids that are more profitable and easier to grow.

Cacao crudo

About Us

The first company in italy to produce the chocolate raw.

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Production Method

Production Method

How our raw cacao is produced.

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Our Products

Our Products

From the purest, to the classic, to the most daring and surprising combinations.

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