What's Cacao Crudo


Cacao Crudo is a new way to produce and savour chocolate. To  preserve the precious qualities of the cacao and the other ingredients we are constantly seeking new production methods and new ways to enjoy it.

Cacao Crudo is the first manufacturer of raw chocolate in Italy. We use the high-quality  cacao Criollo variety from the Peruvian Amazon and we never process it at temperatures above 42 ° C, the threshold where the deterioration of  its various nutrients begins.

The traditional roasting of the cacao beans is substituted by a slow process of dessication in protected environments. In this way we bring to your palate clean, full  and real organoleptic identities , extraordinary in their own way.

Our recipes include chocolate bars in different sizes and flavors, stuffed dried fruits and fruit bars covered  in chocolate.  As well as our exquisite and amazing praline; the spreadable cream made only with 65% of raw hazelnut paste, cacao powder and coconut sugar. 

All of our recipes result from a close exchange of views with chefs and nutritionists. Our project was born from an ethical and sustainable vision of  food with the aim of offering a product that is at the same time very tasty and healthy.

Cacao crudo

About Us

The first company in italy to produce the chocolate raw.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Passion, research and ethics for food.

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Production Method

Production Method

How our raw cacao is produced.

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